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Welcome to First Fest!

We’re now accepting nominations for 2013.

First Fest celebrates what makes Silicon Valley the "Valley of Firsts." Each January, we name the winners from the previous year's nominations. Congratulations to all who have been honored in years past.

Nominations for the fourth annual First Fest are now open. Nominate your favorite “first” in any one or more categories: personal, business & technology, sports, arts & culture, and historical.

Check out this year’s 2012 winners — as well as previous years. More »

This year’s First Fest winners will be announced at CreaTV San Jose’s 2012 CreaTiVe Awards held at the California Theatre on Saturday, January 25, 2013. More »



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ABOUT THE festival

Leigh Weimers, First Fest founder

Leigh Weimers First Fest is the brainchild of noted San Jose journalist Leigh Weimers, who is fascinated by the many “Firsts” in this Valley
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Stephen Gary "Woz" Wozniak

Stephen Gary Woz Wozniak His inventions and machines are credited with contributing greatly to the personal computer revolution of the 1970s.
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VALLEY OF firsts

San Jose was first city in California

San Jose Did you know that San Jose was the first capital of California? Or that San Jose was the first place the Grateful Dead performed as a band?
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